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What happens at a Sunday morning service?

You will be welcomed by one of our Welcome Team members and offered a free coffee, tea or squash. You can sit anywhere in the hall and during the service there will be some singing, prayers and a talk from our Pastor. Children and Youth are free to join the Youth team activities, that is taking place during the main service. The service usually lasts around an hour and you are free to stay behind for some more coffee and tea, as well as a chat with others from the Whitehouse Community.

Do I have to pay for anything?

The service, refreshments and youth program are all free, so no need to pay for anything. We are a "cashless" church, which doesn't mean we don't need money, but all of our giving & donations are done through voluntary monthly direct debits or text giving.

What should I wear?

Please dress comfortably and as the weather dictates. Some of us dress casually, where others prefer to dress in their "Sunday best".

Will someone tell me what to believe?

During the service, someone - usually the Pastor - will give a talk from the front and will be sharing what we believe as Christians. The talk will include slides, stories, maybe some jokes, but all practical information regarding our life as Christians, and how we aim to serve God and our community. You are not forced to have to believe what we believe, but if you have any questions during or after the service, then please feel free to talk to anyone from the church team.

What to expect



Connect Groups & Events

Connect Groups

Tuesday Evening Group

19:45 - 21:00

More focused on adults.

Thursday Evening Group

18:30 - 20:00

A family friendly meeting - children of all ages are also welcome!

What happens at the Connect Groups?

The Connect Groups are open for anyone to join and this is where we spend time to talk about life, plan activities for our community, have some coffee & tea and sometimes pray for each other. The aim of the Connect Groups is for all of us to have a friendly place where we can do life together.

Upcoming Events:

None at this time, but please do come back and take a look for our next planned events!



For further information regarding supporting the Whitehouse Church, please contact us at finance@whitehousemk.church


Where to find us


Join us for services:

Whitehouse Primary School,

Vaynol Way,



For general enquiries regarding the Whitehouse Church, please contact us at info@whitehousemk.church 


Find us: Whitehouse Primary School, Vaynol Way, Whitehouse, MK8 1AG

Contact address: 11 Longhorn Drive, Whitehouse, MK8 1AH

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